Jessie, born in London in 1993, graduated from the University of Edinburgh in History of Art & Spanish MA in 2015. She is now studying Environment and Sustainable Development MSc at UCL.

She co- founded Le Ciel Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to restoring harmony and ecology between Man and Nature through cultural, spiritual and environmental projects.

Nannette is passionate about contributing towards a more ethical, ecologically minded and conscious global society and believes in empowering people to create positive change as individuals and within their communities to regenerate, nurture and protect both Humanity and the Earth.

Her art unintentionally draws upon the beautiful,  still and chaotic essence of nature time and time again. Through photographic distortions of her own watercolour paintings, fleeting glimpses of the world and illustrations, Nannette merges a tangible reality with a more subtle and subjective plane of existence, drawing to our attention the illusory construct of life.


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Nannette’s first solo exhibit, Halfway Through The Woods, captured moments perceivable only through a camera’s distorted gaze.  Inspired by ephemeral light and scintillating colours, the artist sought to portray a semi whimsical world that resides only in the viewers’ imagination. The  subject of this work stems from dispersed light and its resonance in nature. In certain series, this inspiration was combined with her being stuck  indoors, from where she had a fragmented view on the outside world. The window  series captures precisely that- doorways into other dimensions.

The exhibition’s title was inspired by her favourite composer and songwriter, Stephen Sondheim, and his musical ‘Into the Woods’ in which  numerous fairy tales are intertwined to explore the concept of what happens  after ‘ Happily ever after’. Nannette's works run on a parallel course  as they too display contrasting elements of eeriness, serenity and make-belief  through the use of an intense and fluctuating palette of colours and effects connected by scenery as seen through the woods.

Group Shows: Art in Mind : 8th-19th August 2012 'The Brick Lane Gallery', London

Solo shows: Halfway Through The Woods : 7th-25th June 2012 'The Muse Gallery', London


Framed Digitial C Type Print Photographs

20 x 13 in £245

24 x 16 in £290

Original Watercolours (unframed)

15 x 9in £250

Accepts commissions. 

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